History of the CDP

Ballybeg Community Development Project was established in 1991 and incorporated as a Company limited by Guarantee in 1993. The inclusion of the Project in the National Community Development Program was as a result of years of voluntary work by community activists since the estate was built in Ballybeg in the 1970's.

The work of the local voluntary Board of Directors of Ballybeg CDP led to the establishment of Access I.T. Ltd. And First Steps Crèche Ltd., which are now independent companies still based within the Ballybeg Community Campus.

Over the years the Project developed a range of programmes and services focussed on the needs expressed by the residents of the estate. These included adult training courses, after school education programmes, health programmes, women's groups, employment programmes and supporting the development of a range of other organisations within Ballybeg.

Mission Statement

The spirit of Ballybeg CDP is to reach out to all members of the community, to encourage people to believe in their own uniqueness, dignity and equality and to explore the potential within themselves, their family and their community.

Aims of the Project

  • To enable local people to develop their own potential and to improve the quality of their lives.
    To identify the needs and issues of the community and to address these collectively.
    To work together to bring about change that benefits our community.

Ballybeg CDP is managed by local volunteers that are directors of the Limited Company and are responsible for the direction of the work of the project including overall financial management.

Current members of the

  • Liz Rockett (Company Treasurer)
  • Willie Moore (Company Director)
  • Nathaniel Ademoye (Company Director)

Board of management are :

  • Diana Walsh
  • Deirdre Collins 
  • Edwin Adeboye 
  • Lisa Cummins 

Staff & Contact

Title                                Name                      Number                         Email

Acting Project Manager Liz Riches 051-350100  lriches@ballybegcdp.ie
Administrator Elizabeth Rockett 051-350100  admin@ballybegcdp.ie

Horticulture Initiative 

Sean O'Driscoll

 051-350100  horticulture@ballybegcdp.ie


Education Project


Glenn Lynch 051-353808 educationproject@ballybegcdp.ie
 Key Project  Leona Basquill  051-358829  keyproject@ballybegcdp.ie
Reception Desk   051-350100



Project Structure