Ballybeg Greens

Ballybeg Greens is a Social Enterprise established by BallybegCDP Ltd that is engaged in three key commercial areas:

  1. The supply of top quality organically grown salad leaves, specialist vegetables, edible flowers and herbs to the food service industry
  2. The provision of accredited or tailor-made training in horticulture.
  3. A Garden Centre supplying trees, shrubs and seasonal produce.

As a Social Enterprise Ballybeg Greens is committed to the development of a sustainable business based in the Ballybeg Estate that will provide training and employment opportunities to unemployed adults.





QQI Level 4 + Level 5 Application Details

We can tailor make a training programme in growing to suit your needs.

We offer training on site in the Ballybeg Garden or will help you to develop your own growing space as part of the training.

All of our trainers have trained with Ballybeg CDP Hoticulture initiative and have a Train the Trainers qualification.



 Tel : 051-350 100
Email :


Ballybeg Community Development Project
Parish Centre


What We Do

We provide horticulture training to groups of adults:

Minor Award in Vegetable Crop Production.

  • QQI Level 3 Minor Award in Vegetable Crop Production.
  • QQI Level 3 Minor Award in Planting & Potting by Hand.
  • Tailor made training to suit your needs eg creche workers, teachers,community development,workers wishing to learn basics skills to enable growing work with their classes or participants.
  • Tailor made training for special needs groups or community groups.

Our Courses Will Teach You :

  • How to identify the ph level of soil.
  • The tools and equipment you will need to grow vegetables of flowering plants.
  • Growing techniques.
  • Pest control.
  • Preparing your site for growing.
  • Seed sowing.
  • Planting out.
  • Growing in pots.
  • Maintaining your produce.
  • Harvesting your crop.
  • Health & safety.