The Key Project

About us:

The Key Project is part of the Ballybeg CDP and is funded under the Department of Social Protection (DSP) Community Employment (CE) programmes, with its participants supporting the work of the various projects within the community. The Key Project is a community based employment support project, providing programmes and services to the Ballybeg community. Services supplied to the Ballybeg residents include:


  • We provide information to the community in many ways:
    Through availability of booklets, leaflets and forms (e.g. FIS forms, passport application forms, driving test theory and driving licence renewal forms etc.).
    A list of current job vacancies from DSP and local newspapers is available for collection every Wednesday or CLICK HERE to view online as a PDF.
    Providing information on work schemes, other government initiatives and employment focused services.
    Delivery of Quarterly Community Newsletters and Key Project Information Sheets to all households.


  • We offer a secretarial service which includes:
    Typing reports, coursework and C.V.'s (C.V.'s are free of charge, all else is competitively priced.).
    Printing flyers.
    Assistance with filling out forms if required.

Job Seekers Support:

  • Our Job Seekers Support services include:
    Applications typed up or employment interview support.
    Progression support to participants on our training courses regarding further education or job access.
    Job Seekers Database: Job Seekers wishing to get information about upcoming events, jobs or courses are offered an opportunity to have their details included on our database.
    One to one support. (By appointment only.)
    Provision of workshops on C.V.'s, letters of application, interview skills and job finding skills.

Key Project CE Vacancies:

To see a List of CE available vacancies CLICK HERE


Useful Links

Department of Social Protection
Jobseeking Support and Tools
SOLAS-Further Education and Training Authority
Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
Citizens Information


Leona Basquill
CE Supervisor & Key Project Co-Ordinator
Tel : 051-350 100
Email :


Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm